About Katie Lane & Work Made For Hire

I am a nerd.

I’m also an attorney, obsessed with negotiation, a former actress, a current writer, and a forever student. I am passionate about helping other people learn how to negotiate because someone once told me I couldn’t do it. They were wrong.

I graduated from law school long enough ago that there was a reunion and I missed it. Since then I’ve advised librarians, comedians, ruffians and a gentleman with some very passionate ideas about revolutionizing televised sport fishing on all matter of legal conundrums.

Most of my clients are nerds, too. I work with comic book creators, authors, game designers, musicians and freelancers of every stripe to help them protect their rights and get paid fairly for the work they do.

I provide legal services and private negotiation coaching and teach negotiation seminars. I would gladly entertain your generally applicable and interesting questions.  You can contact me here.

I live in Portland, Oregon and sit on the board of Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. When I am not Doing All The Things, I relax in the shadow of an urban volcano with my lovely and talented wife Dylan, and a ridiculous number of animals.

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Copyright and Conflict in Collaborative Projects

One of the great things about making art is the opportunity to collaborate with other creators. You get to borrow each other’s brains, see stories through one another’s eyes, and create things together that neither of you could have created on your own. There’s just one little thing: it can be


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