Don’t Be Afraid to Charge What You’re Worth

I talk to a lot of freelancers about how to handle their prices, particularly how to raise their prices.
They tell me that ¬†they want to be able to charge what they’re worth without having to worry that they’ll lose business as a result, can I help them do that?… Read More

Ich bin Freelancer*

I started writing this blog over five years ago. At the time, I hired freelancers, I was friends with freelancers and I loved freelancers.
But I was not a freelancer.
It seemed too hard. (How do you make money?) Too scary. (How do you make money??) Too lonely. (How do you make money?!)
This Friday, I’m leaving the Day Job and taking my practice full-time. I am going to be a full-time freelancer.… Read More

Negotiating While Female: Beyond the Headline Hype

It’s not enough to say that women need to “lean in” and ask for what they want.
It’s not enough to say that people react negatively when women “lean in” and ask for what they want.
Neither approach actually helps someone accomplish anything. It just encourages, or discourages, behavior.
Women can negotiate just as well as men, but no one negotiates well if they don’t know how.… Read More

Contract Hacks: Giving it All Away

Contract Hacks: making freelance contracts better, one hack at a time.… Read More

Reading the Fine Print

Two very exciting things happened on the internet this last week!
One: Getty Images announced it would start licensing a portion of its massive image collection for no cost.
And, two: Amtrak embraced the fervor of the hashtag and established a for-real writer’s residency hosted on its long-distance trains.
Both things are ridiculously cool.
And both things came with fine print.
Why does fine print matter?
Well, first off it’s not really “fine print.” It’s the contract.
And the contract… Read More

Fire Bad Clients

Life is too short to work with bad clients.
Sometimes, despite your best attempts to save the situation, the time arrives to cut a client loose so you can focus your energy on more fruitful endeavors.
When that time comes, don’t drag it out or give them 42 second chances. Make it quick and be direct so you can both move on.… Read More

Client Red Flags (And What They Are Trying to Tell You)

Would you like to avoid clients that suck up all your time with petty demands and complaints, then try to haggle over the final payment?
Would you prefer to spend your time working on the thing you’re really good at, rather than trying to collect on overdue invoices?
Would you like to avoid being named “Top Contributor!” on Clients From Hell?
Then, friendly freelancer, you need to start paying attention to red flags. And you need to do something when… Read More

Avoid Conflicts Before They Happen

I’m pretty good at helping people break down what’s happening in a conflict and figure out the best way to address it.
Thirty minutes with me and you’ll be all, “Conflict? What conflict? Pass me the cookie tray! Have you seen that Youtube video where the squirrel and the Bernese Mountain dog are best friends?”
But as much fun as I have tackling conflicts, I find it makes people far happier if they can just avoid conflict all together.
Well,… Read More

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Don’t Be Afraid to Charge What You’re Worth

I talk to a lot of freelancers about how to handle their prices, particularly how to raise their prices. They

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