Katie is not your lawyer!

I am a lawyer and very much enjoy being a lawyer, but just by posting my opinions and advice on negotiating, I do not become your lawyer.

That is to say, you shouldn’t take anything on this website as legal advice.

Legal Advice is advice about how the law applies to a particular problem or issue you’re facing and what your options are for dealing with it effectively.

You might read information on this website that provides you insight on how the law works (and I hope you do!). But! The details of your situation will determine the advice that is best suited for helping you address your issue. Unless you hire me, I can’t know what those details are.

So how do you hire me? We enter into a written agreement that we both sign. When that happens, the attorney-client relationship is established. And once that relationship is established, it activates my obligation to keep the info you tell me secret.

Until that agreement is signed, please don’t send me information you wouldn’t want shared with someone else. While I don’t go around telling people’s secrets, until you hire me, you don’t have the legal protection of attorney-client confidentiality.

If you’d like to talk about the possibility of hiring me, please contact me using this form.


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