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The Con Game

I’ve heard the advice,”Fake it ’til you make it!” more times than I care to count. I’ve never given it much thought. I mean, it sounds good and people say it all the time so it must be right, right?

By Austin Kleon via his great piece Steal Like an Artist)

But I started thinking about it this week and I’ve decided I kind … Read More

More Ninja Tips!

For those of you that went, welcome back from Emerald City!  I took crazy advantage of a whole weekend of sunshine and spent most of my time outside.  It was lovely.  I’ve got a post or two in the hopper, but in the mean time, I offer a few more Ninja Tips.  Enjoy.

1.  Good freelancers refer other good freelancers.

Knowing when to say “No” … Read More

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Copyright and Conflict in Collaborative Projects

One of the great things about making art is the opportunity to collaborate with other creators. You get to borrow each other’s brains, see stories through one another’s eyes, and create things together that neither of you could have created on your own. There’s just one little thing: it can be


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