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Freelancer Roundtable 2012!!

This marks the fourth year of the annual Freelancer Podcast with Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen & Bill Mudron.… Read More

Power Couples

I’m always excited when I hear that artists I admire are collaborating on a new project. Collaboration — in art or other ventures — lends you a perspective you can’t have on your own, and because of that it can produce some exceptionally cool results.

But just because a collaboration can produce wonderful things, it doesn’t mean the road to creation is smooth and pothole … Read More

creeping toward insantiy


In the comments, Colleen asked that I address “mission creep” and the joys that emit there forth.  I’ve heard it called “mission creep,” “scope creep”* and “the single easiest way to lose your mind.”  Whatever business speak phrase you prefer, it is the phenomenon of thinking you know exactly what a project will be and how much time it will take, only to watch it … Read More

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Copyright and Conflict in Collaborative Projects

One of the great things about making art is the opportunity to collaborate with other creators. You get to borrow each other’s brains, see stories through one another’s eyes, and create things together that neither of you could have created on your own. There’s just one little thing: it can be


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