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How to Negotiate a Contract Like a Cartoonist

Want to learn how to improve your negotiation skills?

Watch other people negotiate.

“But Katie, that sounds boring! And possibly worse than suffering through the last episode of Lost.”

Perhaps. But not when Penny Arcade does it!… Read More

The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions: Babysitting Questions

Questions are some of the easiest, cheapest, and most time-efficient tools you can use to get better results from your negotiations.

But people don’t use them.

When I ask freelancers why they avoid asking questions in their negotiations, I get one of two responses: they don’t know how to ask questions effectively, or they worry they’ll come off as rude if they ask too many … Read More

Learning the Ropes

A new year demands new projects, wouldn’t you say?

Well, I’ve got one I think you’re gonna like.… Read More

Good Advice #9: But I Hate the Phone

It’s time to answer another question from a dashingly attractive reader!

This week’s Good Advice conundrum is as tough as it is common: what do you do when you want to handle a conflict but you hate talking to people on the phone?… Read More

Good Advice #8: How to Negotiate a Raise

Ever wanted to negotiate a raise in your day job or with a client and not known what to say? This week’s Good Advice column is for you!… Read More

Must Read Resources for Freelancers

So you’re ready to jump into the thrill of freelancing and wanna know where to start?  Here are a few of my favorite posts to get you started and a couple of resources you can add to your must read & watch lists.… Read More

Good Advice #7: The Art of Editing a Contract

This week’s Good Advice post comes from the Practical Skills Department — you’ve got a contract and you know what changes you want, so how do you get those changes made?… Read More

How to Be A Successful Freelancer

For Emerald City Comic Con this year, George Rohac (Director of Operations at Oni Press, Freelance Guru, Wizard) and I got the band back together.

We put together a panel about the things we think you need to be a successful freelancer. And because we want to spread the news far and wide, I’m publishing all of the tips, tricks and secrets as this … Read More

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5 Things to Know Before You Sign Your Publishing Contract

The following is the first of five emails from a free e-course about understanding publishing contracts. You can sign up for the rest of the course here. In any publishing deal, you're in charge. That's because a publishing contract is you giving the publisher permission to use your work. They need permission and


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