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Speak Softly & Carry a Good Stick

Let’s talk craftsmanship.

Being a good negotiator in the thick of things takes a lot of hard work and awareness of what you and the other side are after.  But if you have the luxury of time and the ability to prepare, you can create a beautiful deal that best meets your interests, sufficiently entices the other side and holds the door open to future … Read More

You’re Wrong

There is a nice piece about confidence from Daniel Kahneman in last week’s New York Times Magazine.  It’s definitely worth a read before you head into your next negotiation.  Especially if you happen to think you’re 100% right and they’re 100% wrong.… Read More

Good Advice #1

Sometimes you don’t want to understand why things happen or how you can become a better person through active listening.  Sometimes you just want someone to help you figure out how to fix a problem.

I can do that.… Read More

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Regardless of where you come down on this whole debt ceiling business, if you want to hone your negotiation skills, it is the thing to pay attention to.  Because watching people screw things up beyond all recognition is a fantastic way of learning.

Here are the major lessons I hope you take away from this debacle.… Read More

The Warrior’s Way

Let’s say you’re having an argument online with a friend about Star Trek.


(c) Paramount Pictures/CBS Studios… Read More

Preconceive This

Preconceptions suck. They’re usually wrong, for starters, and in the context of a negotiation, they can mean that you waste a lot of time combatting what the other person thinks they know about you rather than dealing with the actual issue. Common preconceptions in negotiating include: women don’t negotiate; artists are bad at business; freelancers make a pile of money because they don’t have overhead expenses; large businesses have a pile of money to spend because they’re large businesses; and the other side is probably hiding something sinister from you. But not matter how unhelpful preconceptions are, they persist. And when you find yourself the victim of one in a negotiation, it can stall or even ruin the deal. Rather than give up and roll over, try these things the next time you think the other side has they know all about you.


Let’s say you’re a single person looking to adopt a French Bulldog. In a bizarre Because This Is A Hypothetical turn of events, there are only two dogs for you to choose from.… Read More

Just Do It

One of the many side benefits of writing this blog is that I get to hear about a lot of really cool projects that people are tackling.  A book idea they’re hashing out with a collaborator; an anthology contribution; a brand new webcomic.

But all too often when I hear about one of these projects, the creator will tell me, “But I can’t use any … Read More

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