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Good Advice #2: Getting What You Want

Our next question for the Good Advice series comes from the Beat Your Head Against A Wall Department.

“I work now and then for a company that refuses, absolutely refuses, to entertain the idea of royalties.  I’ve told them over and over again that royalties are industry standard for the kind of work I’m doing; I’ve even shown them my contracts with other companies to … Read More

Good Advice #1

Sometimes you don’t want to understand why things happen or how you can become a better person through active listening.  Sometimes you just want someone to help you figure out how to fix a problem.

I can do that.… Read More

The Warrior’s Way

Let’s say you’re having an argument online with a friend about Star Trek.

 … Read More

Getting Unstuck

You’ve come to That Place in a negotiation.

Your client won’t sign off on the final product if you don’t retroactively assign him the rights to the work and you won’t do that because a large portion of the project is stuff you use with three other clients.  And this is after you’ve given this guy a huge discount and rearranged other projects to meet … Read More

I Have Something To Tell You

One of the harder things to figure out during a negotiation is when to share information and what information to share.

I regularly insist that negotiation is just problem solving in a different context and you need to involve your counterpart to find a solution.   That doesn’t mean that I think the other side is completely trustworthy and should be treated as if they were … Read More

I’m back!

London was fantabulous and we had a blast.  There were museums and historic walks and pubs and Tubes and plays and tea and not a whole lot of complicated negotiating.  I haggled over a tchotchke in a market once and that was about it (saved about $12, thankyouverymuch).

As I reenter the world of posting regularly, I thought I’d start out with a bit of … Read More

Opposite Day

A while back I wrote about how people hate losing.  It is a quirky little nit in our psychological make up that causes us to dislike losing more than we like winning.  As a result, we put a lot more energy and effort into avoiding losing than we do into winning.

I got a gentle reminder recently of how powerful fear can be.  Especially … Read More


Explaining the more difficult aspects of negotiation strategy is difficult and often boring.  But Victoria Pynchon over at Settle it Now manages to consistently make it accessible and entertaining.

Go check out her recent post on negotiations where she discusses what to do if you’re starting from a position of little to no power.  The strategy is called 3D negotiation and involves systematically changing the … Read More

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