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The (Freelancer) Rules of Acquisition

Alright, Freelancer, you wanna make a profit? Wanna see some good, cold, hard latinum filling out that bank account of yours? Then you have to follow the Rules!

The Rules of Acquisition have guided the business dealings of the Ferengi for centuries. They are time tested and profit approved.

And if you think I’m joking, you’re crazy. While I might not endorse all of QuarkRead More

Clients Say The Darnedest Things

It’s time for another visit to the fine folks at Clients From Hell to flex our negotiation muscles!

Let’s see what whack-a-doodle things clients are saying and how to respond to them without the use of weapons or swears.… Read More

Dealing with Clients Who Don’t Pay

Last month I posted a piece about what to do when clients are awful. Turns out lots of people like advice on how to deal with crappy client situations! So this week, I’m taking submissions from The World’s Longest Invoice tumblr and suggesting what you can do to avoid similar non-payment crises.… Read More

Power Couples

I’m always excited when I hear that artists I admire are collaborating on a new project. Collaboration — in art or other ventures — lends you a perspective you can’t have on your own, and because of that it can produce some exceptionally cool results.

But just because a collaboration can produce wonderful things, it doesn’t mean the road to creation is smooth and pothole … Read More

How to Not Die From Exposure

Hopefully, by now you know that working for “exposure” is fool’s work. People die from exposure! You should only work for free if it involves your mother or a debt that is the result of a life saving organ donation (see Jessica Hische’s awesome flow chart for specifics).

But just because you know you shouldn’t work for free doesn’t mean that people will stop asking … Read More

What Do You Say When Clients Are Awful?

Negotiation theory is all good when you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, warm and cozy with a cup of tea and a snoring bulldog on your lap.  Anything sounds possible under those circumstances! I’ll stand up for myself!  It’ll be awesome!

But what do you say in the thick of things? How do you respond to ridiculous requests and offensive statements?

This week … Read More

How to Write A Nasty Letter

There comes a time in every freelancer’s career when one has to write a very particular type of letter.  A Cease & Desist letter; an Eff You letter; a Pay Me Now letter; a Stop Selling My Art on the Internet You Lousy Bum letter.

A nasty letter.

Here’s how.… Read More

Using Emotions to be a Better Negotiator

For many people, figuring out how to handle emotions is the most difficult part of negotiating.  I often get people asking me how they can “turn off” their emotions when in conflict. There are also folks who complain that the other side is unreasonable because they are “too emotional.”

If you are one of the people struggling to get rid of emotions in negotiation, I … Read More

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