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The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing With Difficult People: The Guilt Trip

Let’s be honest, sometimes dealing with people just sucks.

They can be needy and demanding, stubborn and impatient, frustrating and irrational.

But if you’re a freelancer, there’s no avoiding working with difficult people. There is no boss to run interference between you and Crazy Cathy and unless you defend your boundaries well, “Just One More Thing” Jonathan will drive you to drink.

Instead of throwing … Read More

The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions: Helper Questions

Alright freelancers! Let’s kick some butt and take some names, shall we? The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions continues with questions that can help you win friends and influence people.… Read More

The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions: Testing the Water Questions

Hey Ace Freelancers! This next installment of The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions introduces you to a type of question you can use to figure out what your client really wants before you send them a proposal.… Read More

The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Asking Questions: Babysitting Questions

Questions are some of the easiest, cheapest, and most time-efficient tools you can use to get better results from your negotiations.

But people don’t use them.

When I ask freelancers why they avoid asking questions in their negotiations, I get one of two responses: they don’t know how to ask questions effectively, or they worry they’ll come off as rude if they ask too many … Read More

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5 Things to Know Before You Sign Your Publishing Contract

The following is the first of five emails from a free e-course about understanding publishing contracts. You can sign up for the rest of the course here. In any publishing deal, you're in charge. That's because a publishing contract is you giving the publisher permission to use your work. They need permission and


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