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I got to teach a workshop at GeekGirlCon last weekend and had a lot of fun! I’m always a little bit nervous about the kind of crowd I’ll get at a convention; negotiation seminars aren’t usually what folks are looking for at a con.

I shouldn’t have worried; the GeekGirlCon crowd was awesome!

They came out in force and asked a ton of great … Read More

Good Advice #8: How to Negotiate a Raise

Ever wanted to negotiate a raise in your day job or with a client and not known what to say? This week’s Good Advice column is for you!… Read More

How to Negotiate Like a Rock Star, Part I

Negotiation isn’t magical or special or overly difficult.

Negotiation is just two people talking about how they can solve a shared problem.

How you talk about that problem, how you use information, and how you approach the other person makes the difference between a good negotiation and a difficult one.

Here’s how to make your negotiations not just good, but rock star good.… Read More

Getting Unstuck

You’ve come to That Place in a negotiation.

Your client won’t sign off on the final product if you don’t retroactively assign him the rights to the work and you won’t do that because a large portion of the project is stuff you use with three other clients.  And this is after you’ve given this guy a huge discount and rearranged other projects to meet … Read More

Back Up!

As promised, we’re getting back into the groove of a more regular schedule around these parts.  “More regular” means a couple things: (1) less than a month will separate posts and (2) between now and the end of the year, you can expect a minimum of five brand spanking new WMFH posts.

Tell your friends, family & fellow artists in arms: The Blog, she is Read More


If you haven’t already found it in your internet adventures, might I suggest you scurry over and check out Freelance Finances.

And by “suggest” I mean “get your ass over there now.”

It is, very simply, a blog about how to keep more of your money in your pocket.

Money can be scary.  Not having enough of it, knowing what to do with what … Read More

I Have Something to Tell You, Part III

Man, you’re hot.

I gotta say that one more time: You. Are. Hot.

Like “Joan Jett” hot.


Because you’ve made it this far along in our exciting journey of figuring out how, why and when to share information during a negotiation.

To summarize:  if you want the information you share to help you, you need to know who you’re negotiating with and what kind … Read More

By the Power of Greyskull…

Shockingly, one of the things they don’t really teach you in law school is how to negotiate.  They sort of expect that you know how to do it and that if you don’t, you’ll learn fast enough once you’re kicked out of the nest.

Looking back at my first year as a lawyer, I’m kind of amazed at some of the things I tried in … Read More

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