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What To Do When Clients Don’t Get Back To You

You’ve been working merrily along with a client or collaborator. Things are going well and you’ve had good results so far.

Now you’ve reached a crossroads and you need them to make a decision, sign off on the work, or pay an invoice.

You, being a good reader of this blog, tackle the issue head on and ask for the other person’s input, approval or … Read More

What To Do When You’re Popular

A few weeks ago I asked Twitter followers to send me questions they’d want to see addressed on the blog, and one of them struck my fancy in particular:

What do you do when you have one thing to offer, like a manuscript, and there are two different parties who want to negotiate with you for it?

How do you make sure you get the … Read More

Be a Freelance Rock Star

No matter what it is you do—design, act, write or make music—learning the business of freelancing can be hard.

Business skills aren’t usually taught in school. Even if you’re lucky enough to land a class with a helpful teacher,  the teacher isn’t there when a client calls demanding (another) revision and I’ve yet to see a “textbook example” in real life.

Education by experience is … Read More

Clients Say The Darnedest Things

It’s time for another visit to the fine folks at Clients From Hell to flex our negotiation muscles!

Let’s see what whack-a-doodle things clients are saying and how to respond to them without the use of weapons or swears.… Read More

Power Couples

I’m always excited when I hear that artists I admire are collaborating on a new project. Collaboration — in art or other ventures — lends you a perspective you can’t have on your own, and because of that it can produce some exceptionally cool results.

But just because a collaboration can produce wonderful things, it doesn’t mean the road to creation is smooth and pothole … Read More

Unforeseen Events

You can plan a negotiation to the T, being careful to consider your interests and options, investing time to understand the other party and their needs, even making sure you have a few back up plans ready to go should things not work out.

You can do all of these things, and more, only to have the entire negotiation go cattywampus because of a last … Read More

What Do You Say When Clients Are Awful?

Negotiation theory is all good when you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, warm and cozy with a cup of tea and a snoring bulldog on your lap.  Anything sounds possible under those circumstances! I’ll stand up for myself!  It’ll be awesome!

But what do you say in the thick of things? How do you respond to ridiculous requests and offensive statements?

This week … Read More

Good Advice #5: Jerked Around

This week’s Good Advice question comes from that murky period of time before you start hashing out details of a job — the “Are you available?” time period. Your availability, or lack thereof, is just as valuable as the cash you can make from the job, but is often a lot harder to negotiate.… Read More

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