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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Last week at HOW Design Live I was lucky enough to see Dr.Brené Brown speak.

This was A Big Deal for me.

I’ve been fangirling over Dr. Brown’s work since I discovered it about a year and a half ago. I was so excited to see her speak I forgot to tell friends I was going to the conference because I was speaking.

I … Read More

Fire Bad Clients

Life is too short to work with bad clients.

Sometimes, despite your best attempts to save the situation, the time arrives to cut a client loose so you can focus your energy on more fruitful endeavors.

When that time comes, don’t drag it out or give them 42 second chances. Make it quick and be direct so you can both move on.… Read More

The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing With Difficult People: The Scope Creep

Boldly we charge ahead in our mission to deal with those that prove most difficult to our hero, The Freelancer!

This week: managing the Scope Creep, he who yearns for additional work without extra payment or adjustment of deadlines.

Hey, Scope Creep. I’ve got your number and I’m coming for you.… Read More

What To Do When Clients Don’t Get Back To You

You’ve been working merrily along with a client or collaborator. Things are going well and you’ve had good results so far.

Now you’ve reached a crossroads and you need them to make a decision, sign off on the work, or pay an invoice.

You, being a good reader of this blog, tackle the issue head on and ask for the other person’s input, approval or … Read More

How to Write a Cease and Desist Letter

I’ve talked before about what to do if you get a Cease and Desist letter, but what should you do (and how should you do it) if you want to send a C&D?

This week’s post walks you through the process and helps explain what you should say when you are telling someone to stop infringing your work.… Read More

Finding the “Yes” In Your “No”

Do you have a hard time saying “No”?

Even when you really, really want to say “No”?

Even when you know in your gut that saying “No” is the right thing to do?

You, friend, are not alone.… Read More

Learning the Ropes

A new year demands new projects, wouldn’t you say?

Well, I’ve got one I think you’re gonna like.… Read More

Let’s Talk About Copyright Infringement

For whatever reason there seems to be a recent uptick in artists getting ripped off on line.

This sucks.

For me, what sucks even more are all of the myths and misconceptions out there about what is and isn’t OK and what people can and can’t do about someone stealing their stuff.

So I’d like to take some time and dispel some of the more … Read More

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