I’m back from SPX and a week-long romp through our nation’s capital.  I not only got to see original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but we also toured the Supreme Court & the Lunder Conservation Center, which serves the Smithsonian museums.  It was a nerdtastical delight and I had a blast!

via flickr.com by code poet

via flickr.com by code poet

While I’m working on a few new posts, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from SPX.

  • I spent $3 on the new mini from Jason Viola, and you should, too!  It is about an amoeba who is having trouble figuring out who she is.  Mostly because she keeps dividing.  I am irrationally in love with the comic.
  • The Coolest Random Tablemate Ever award goes to Heather Bryant.  She was fun to talk to, funny, put up with our mountain of crap and did not kill me after hearing me say, “Would you like a book mark?” for the 956th time (Dylan’s new give away).  Color me not at all shocked when I read her comics and discovered that they were awesome, too.  She’s been doing the comic thing since 2009, but her stuff reads and looks like she’s been at it a lot longer.
  • My new favorite button reads, “I’m all about compassion, you jackass.”  It’s from the comic Failing Buddhism by Mr. Ryan Dow.  I think that’s all you need to know to know it’s pretty great.
  • Not really from SPX, but: should you find yourself in DC anytime soon, check out the American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery.  I wish we could have spent two full days there.  In addition to both museums, the same building is also home to the Luce Foundation & the Lunder Conservation Center.  We learned all about their approach to conserving, repairing and preserving art.  It was AWESOME.  Also: free.

And, now I shall return to working on a few new posts and this fancy cold the airplane gave me.

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