Yay Stumptown!

Katie Lane & Kohel Haver

Fight For Your Rights: An Artist's Introduction to Contract Law & Negotiation @ Stumptown 2010. Photo by Joshin Yamada

Another year, another awesome Stumptown Comics Fest show!

Things started off smashingly with the West Coast premier of Drink & Draw Like a Lady, a brilliant idea that’s also tons of fun.  If you are a lady of the arts and attending a convention where one of these great events is taking place, be sure to go.  It’s the way networking is supposed to happen.

The con itself was also a blast.  Thanks to everyone who came to the “Contract law, Copyright, ‘Hey, is that parody?,’ How to Negotiate, Lawyers Who Love Pop Culture” talk that Kohel Haver and I did Saturday!  We were both a little worried about fitting everything in and I was a tad concerned that 2 hours was a long time to listen to a couple of lawyers gab, but attendance was great, the questions were better and Kohel and I had a fantastic time.

Things went so well that, suffice to say, there will be more workshops.  If you have a studio, a class, or a couple of friends that would be interested in having a workshop on art & law, drop me a line.  Also, if you’re involved in a convention that you think might benefit form a short presentation on law & negotiation for artists, I travel with this lady and would be jazzed to take the show on the road.

My favorite part of the con is chatting to folks who stop by the table.  I  had a great time talking to all the cool people that stopped by Dylan’s table.  And Bill’s table.  And Carla’s table.  And, man, I do not know if there is anything better than spending a weekend watching all the 8-12 year old girls rush up to Raina Telgemeir’s table thrilled beyond belief that they get to meet her and talk comics.  It was great!

So, in summary: yay comics!  We’ll return to our irregularly scheduled blog here shortly.

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