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14 Small Changes for a Grand New Year

Improving your negotiation skills doesn’t take super human strength or mythic amounts of talent.

Improving your negotiation skills requires changing the way you approach conflicts – seeing them as puzzles to solve, instead of insurmountable mountains of emotion and fear.… Read More

Today’s Post is a Podcast

Hello friendly reader! If you came here looking for your weekly dose of negotiation tips and freelance tricks, we’re doing things a little differently.… Read More

What’s the Difference Between Copyright and Creative Commons?

At OryCon earlier this month I got to sit on a panel about Creative Commons licensing and how it can be used in creative work.

As someone who depends on Creative Commons licensing (all images in my posts are licensed via a Creative Commons license) I am always excited to hear the different ways people are using these licenses.

Because I think Creative Commons is … Read More

The Positive Power of Negativity

Your goal for this week: complain.

You must bitch and moan and highlight the injustice of your plight.

You must be sincere. You must be honest. You must provide details, including dates and names.

You must release this negativity into the world intentionally, preparing yourself for positive returns.

There’s just one catch.

You can’t complain about anyone else. You have to complain about yourself, and … Read More

Don’t Work For Free!

Oh but my goodness has there been a recent uptick in demands for artists to work for free!

Or maybe it’s just that Twitter makes these fools so much easier to find.

This week’s post is about how to avoid the psychological mind tricks people use when they ask you to work for free (or for booze or for the glory of [Fill in the … Read More

The Freelancer’s Declaration of Independence

One of my favorite things to do every Fourth of July is listen to the Declaration of Independence being read.

I like being reminded of what this country committed itself to before it was a country and the ideals its citizens courageously held despite their inability to perfectly embody those ideals.

I was working as I listened to the Declaration this year and so I … Read More

Great Advice From Professional Freelance Cartoonists

This week I have two podcasts for your listening pleasure full of great advice from professional freelance cartoonists.… Read More

How to Write Better Client Emails

If you want to know how to write a better client email, an email that will be understood and appreciated, an email whose directions will be followed, scratch these words out in a bold color on fine paper and hang it right above your desk:

It’s not about what you want to say, it’s about what you want them to hear.Read More

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5 Things to Know Before You Sign Your Publishing Contract

The following is the first of five emails from a free e-course about understanding publishing contracts. You can sign up for the rest of the course here. In any publishing deal, you're in charge. That's because a publishing contract is you giving the publisher permission to use your work. They need permission and


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