Great Advice From Professional Freelance Cartoonists

This week I have two podcasts for your listening pleasure full of great advice from professional freelance cartoonists.

This is in part due to the the con crud I picked up from Stumptown (totally worth it). And in part due to the fact that I know some pretty great people.

By Joshin Yamada via

My accidental Doctor cosplay at Stumptown Comics Fest 2013
Photo by Joshin Yamada via

First up: the Hyphen-Tanners. Cartoonist Ryan Alexander-Tanner and small press publisher and writer Tyler Chin-Tanner have a great podcast about comics and the business thereof. I joined them for an episode to talk about contracts and how you can use them to improve your comics career (episode 3). We had a great conversation, and both Ryan and Tyler bring good perspectives on the business of making great comics. Follow their podcast.

Next: the Freelancer Panel with professional freelance cartoonists Erika Moen, Natalie Nourigat and Matt Bors from this year’s Stumptown Comics Fest. I was really excited to be on this panel. Erika is a good friend and brilliant artist, Tally is a talented and prolific studio member at Periscope Studio and Matt is someone I’ve been following for years. They’ve each come to comics from different paths and that diversity of experience is valuable no matter what kind of freelancing you want to do. We had a great conversation and the audience came prepared with good questions.

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Hopefully, this will tide you over until next week when I’ll be back to my usual fun and games.
P.S. That super fantastic bow tie was made by Portland designer Jayme Hansen.

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