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Get paid!

Not all negotiation work happens in the midst of fleshing out the details of a job, with the sweat of contract terms glistening on your brow and the fire of fee arrangements in your belly.

Some of the most helpful negotiation work you can do is when you aren’t negotiating.  And one of the best opportunities you have is when you bill your clients.  You … Read More

Freelancepalooza Podcast 2010, Part the First

Last year I talked Bill Mudron, Dylan Meconis & Erika Moen into doing a live two hour podcast about being independent artists on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

But they must have forgotten.  Because when I asked them to do it again this year, they all said, “Yes!”

So here is the first part of our conversation about working for yourself as an artist.  We … Read More

Dear Money

Oh, Money.

You are so green.  So useful!  So necessary for the comfort to which I’ve become accustomed.

I understand there are some good people who manage to have very happy lives thinking about you only a little bit.  On alternate Tuesdays and every third Friday afternoon.

And even though I recycle, love puppies and volunteer my free time to the betterment of my fellow … Read More

Talkin’ Shop

This might be the most helpful thing I’ve posted on the blog so far.

The day after Thanksgiving, Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Bill Mudron and I got together and decided to talk about comics, being professional freelancers, getting comfortable with the business of art and how awesome Steve Lieber is.… Read More


If you haven’t already found it in your internet adventures, might I suggest you scurry over and check out Freelance Finances.

And by “suggest” I mean “get your ass over there now.”

It is, very simply, a blog about how to keep more of your money in your pocket.

Money can be scary.  Not having enough of it, knowing what to do with what … Read More

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5 Things to Know Before You Sign Your Publishing Contract

The following is the first of five emails from a free e-course about understanding publishing contracts. You can sign up for the rest of the course here. In any publishing deal, you're in charge. That's because a publishing contract is you giving the publisher permission to use your work. They need permission and


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