Freelance-tastic! 2011!

Another Thanksgiving and another super fun podcast on freelancing!

Mr. Bill Mudron, ladies & gentlemen
Picture (c) Anne Moloney

A few years ago I convinced Dylan, Erika and Bill to sit down and talk about the down and dirty details of working as a freelancer and how to figure out all those pesky business bits.  It was a lot of fun and provided folks with live action freelance information.

This year we talk about the best business lessons from the past year, favorite tools (brushes! ink! Cintiq!) and how to figure out good pricing methods.

I also have an exciting announcement in this year’s podcast: I’m now providing negotiation advice and help on a freelance basis!

I’ve been doing this for friends and family for the last couple years  — consulting on an important contract negotiation, helping figure out a difficult conversation with a co-creator or friend, or  planning for meetings with new clients.  I decided to make the jump and start providing those services for everyone.

So if you’re looking for help with a negotiation problem, hit me up!

Dylan Meconis & Erika Moen
Photo (c) Erika Moe

The link I mentioned in the podcast was renamed, “Negotiation Coaching” at the top right of the page takes you where you need to go.  Find out more about how I can help here.

Freelance-tastic 2011, Part One

Freelance-tastic 2011, Part Two

If you’d like the full audio visual experience, Erika’s posted the podcast videos and written about this year’s discussion.

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