Freelancepalooza Podcast 2010, Part the Second

Here it is, the second installment of Freelancepalooza Podcast 2010.

And if you didn’t catch Part the First, well here you go:

By the way, here is a collection of the some of the sites, posts and resources we mentioned throughout the podcast.

Outright, the online accounting resource Dylan & Erika love.

Traveling & don’t want to keep 942 receipts?  Look up the per diem rates for the city you’re visiting.

The IRS’s online small business tax workshop.

Advertise your blog or comic to people who are, you know, actually likely to read your stuff with Project Wonderful.

Dustin Harbin reminds us all to be nice.  (Clam the hell down!)

Steve Lieber is awesome and fully endorsed by all four of us.

For sanity’s sake: Clients From Hell.

Erika’s new comic, Bucko, with Jeff Parker will be up February 1st!

Erika will also be in London for a book signing & gallery show at the end of December.

Sam Orchard: one lovely dude.

We all agree that Chris Baldwin is the shit & that you should check out his new comic Spacetrawler.

Carla Speed McNeil makes beautiful, beautiful comics.  If you haven’t read Finder yet, Dark Horse is coming out with the whole darn thing starting next year.

You know who else makes beautiful comics?  Der-shing Helmer.  Like whoa.

And that is it folks.  Thanks for listening!

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