Batgirl:  So, didja figure out the BATNA in the last post?

Batman:  Maybe.  But why would I tell you?

BG:  You didn’t figure it out.

BM:  Yes, I did.

BG:  OK, remember, it had to fit three rules, right?

BM:  Right.  Uhh…


BG:  It had to be something you could do with out depending on someone else to do something; it had to be something you’d actually want to do; and it had to support your goals.

BM:  Right!  So…

BG: So, you could go with the printer that wouldn’t make you raise your price; go with the printer that would make you raise your price; or turn to a life of crime.  So, Detective, which one is it?

BM:  Uhh, a life of crime??

BG:  Seriously??

BM:  Well, I know that I don’t want to go with the printer that will make me raise my price on the book because that isn’t something I want to do; it’s contrary to my interests.

BG:  Good.

BM:  The life of crime doesn’t seem like the right choice because it has nothing to do with my goal of having my book ready for the cons.

BG:  Well done, Bats.  That leaves us with…

BM:  The printer that is more expensive than I’d like but won’t make me raise my price?

BG:  Bingo!

BM:  But I thought my BATNA couldn’t be dependent on anyone else having to do something?  Doesn’t the printer have to work with me?

BG:  A complicated point for a thick fellow.  True, the printer does have to work with you and that is technically “doing something.”  What we’re trying to avoid is a situation where you have to depend on someone else doing something that they might not do.

BM:  And I know the printer will work with me if I agree to his terms and price.

BG:  Right, he can be your BATNA because he’s a sure bet.

BM:  If he weren’t a sure bet or if he only fit if he did something extra, then he wouldn’t be my BATNA, right?

BG:  You’re getting the hang of this, big guy.  Now, what you say I get a tour of that Bat Cave you got?

* My apologies to Adam West, Yvonne Craig and Neil Hefti.

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